The Movie

That Thing You Do! was written and directed by Tom Hanks and was released in October of 1996.

The film follows the impressively fast and relatively easy rise of fictional 1960s band The Wonders (originally spelled Oneders). They basically go from a garage band, to winning a college talent show, to getting a gig at an Italian restaurant by the airport, to cutting a record, finding a manager, getting played on the radio, getting signed to a major label, being added to a major tour, and having their song climb the charts... all in a summer.

What I've always found unique and interesting about the film is that pretty much everything goes right. Managers are legitimately helping them, no one is ripping them off or doing anything shady. Success just... happens. When the band eventually - SPOILER ALERT - falls apart, it's from the inside. It's ego, it's relationships, it's the stress of sudden fame. Nothing really dramatic or tragic happens to them, they just fizzle out. Another young band in the books as a one-hit wonder.


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