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My Wham! Fandom

I've been a Wham! fan since around the time "Make It Big" came out. I live in the United States, so not much was known about them here until that album was released. Then, they really did make it big. ;)

After falling in love with Make it Big, I found Fantastic on cassette (yup, cassette) at a local drug store. I remember the tape said: "Wham! UK Fantastic" all together, so I thought the album was called "UK Fantastic" for quite a while. Turns out, "Wham! UK" was how the band was billed at the time (more on that in the bio in the information section).

When I got a bit older and was buying my own music, I looked for the Wham! section in Tower Records and found Music From the Edge of Heaven (I knew Last Christmas, the song I heard on the radio every December, had to have come from somewhere!).

They have remained a favorite of mine all these years. I love George Michael's voice, I have most of his solo albums and listen regularly, but Wham! still has my heart. There's just something magical about them that extends beyond pure nostalgia.

My daughter recently became obsessed with the song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and loves watching the video. That really rekindled my fandom, so I said, "I should go join the Wham! fanlisting, now that I have a collective again." There wasn't one. So here we are.

Thanks for being here (and for reading this).


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