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Why I'm A Fan

In all honesty, I originally only saw this film because Adrien Brody was in it. I was on a quest of sorts to see everything he'd ever done.

I had heard people say it's an awful movie, so I was not expecting to like it. I loved it.

I grew to care about the characters and what they were feeling. There's such a simplicity and purity to their way of life that was refreshing to me. Not to sound like the old lady I am, but I also appreciated seeing a film devoid of excessive profanity, sex and other things I feel can detract from a film if overused.

There are so many surprises along the way. You think you know what's happening, then it's something different. One example (that doesn't spoil much) is that the person set up as the main character doesn't remain the main character. The focus shifts to someone else. Just little things like that I find so interesting.

Was the trailer highly misleading? Yes! I can see why it upset so many people. But thankfully, I saw the film first, the trailer second, so it was different for me. ;)

I think it's a great film that deserves to be taken for what it is, not hated for what it is not. I'm happy to run this fanlisting.

Site Info

In the movie, members of the village refer to the creatures they fear as "those we don't speak of." So, that's where the name of this place comes from. The colors red and yellow also figure heavily into the storyline of the film, so using them for the color scheme was kind of a given.

The font the title is written in (on the header graphic) is "Frisky Vampire," chosen because of its similarity to the text found on the film's promotional posters. The script font on the bottom of the graphic is "la Compagnie des Ombres," chosen because... I liked it. ;) The site headings and navigation buttons use the "Cizel" font, the content is "Open Sans," both from Google Fonts.


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