About Me

Hi, my name is Patricia and I'm a fangirl. I live in Northern California with my husband, our daughter, my mother, two cats and two fish.

I'm in my late 30s and believe I am somewhere on the autism spectrum (no official diagnosis as of now). I realized it as an adult, because my child is autistic (diagnosed). The more I learned about her brain and how it works, the more my own life made sense. That's partly where this domain name comes from. There's a joke almost in the community about "savant" skills. We don't all have them, but it's a common stereotype. If there is something I'm very good at, it's fixating on my fandoms.

Twitter Updates

I tweet as @FandomSavant with updates about my various fanlistings and shrines.

Favorite Things

You can tell some of these by looking at my joined and owned fanlistings, but that doesn't tell you everything.

Favorite colors: Purple (very dark or very light shades), periwinkle (a purpleish light blue), pastels in general, and black.

Foods: Steak (medium), shrimp, Caesar salad, Greek salad, snow crab, chicken and pineapple pizza (sorry, not sorry), potatoes.

Drinks: Water, hot tea, iced tea, Hint, Bai

Musicians/Bands: Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Color Me Badd, Wham!/George Michael, k.d. lang, Peggy Lee, Sam Cooke, Richard Marx, Jason Mraz, Barenaked Ladies, The Monkees, *NSYNC... it goes on and on.

Hobbies: Singing, writing (and blogging), collecting and watching movies, making fanlistings, collecting beads/beading

Actors/actresses: Adrien Brody, Dianne Wiest, Marlon Brando, Gary Oldman, Stockard Channing, Jerry Orbach, David Strathairn, Steve Zahn...