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About the Title

"Somebody has to like me best" is a line tearfully uttered by Dianne's character (Louise Keeley) in the film The Birdcage. It's my favorite line of hers in the movie, and it seemed like a fitting title for a fanlisting.

The Header

The images are from my favorite Dianne Wiest roles: Aunt Bea in Radio Days, Helen Buckman in Parenthood, Peg Boggs in Edward Scissorhands, Helen Sinclair in Bullets Over Broadway, and Louise Keeley in The Birdcage.

The title font is Bromello Regular (from DaFont.com), "a fanlisting..." is Alegreya Sans SC Regular (preloaded on my Mac). The content fonts are: Allura (headings), Carrois Gothic SC (navigation and subheadings) and Libre Franklin (content) - all from Google Fonts.